Saturday, April 6, 2013

Book Review -- Tell Your Time

Tell Your Time:  How To Manage Your Schedule So You Can Live Free by Amy Lynn Andrews was a book suggestion at the end of the last book I read about a disciplined life so I thought it would be a nice follow up.  I was right.

This book has helped my prioritize my life goals.  And I do say goals because I do have more than one goal in life.  I'll share them with you on another day.

The book does not have short cuts for you the author points out you must work hard at the right things and spend your time wisely.  By doing this you will free up time for the things that are important to you,

"Change has to come from inside you."

So true.  If I want things to change in my life, I have to make the changes happen.  I keep expecting miracles to happen around my house and they never do and they never will.  If I want things to change then I have to change the way I do things.   Period.  The End!

Ms. Andrew suggests writing out your entire week and plotting in your entire schedule.  Look and see where you spend your time.  Is that how you want to spend your time?   How can you make adjustments.  What activities are nonnegotiable and negotiable activities?

Here is my tentative daily plan for the week.  I made two charts.  The first chart is my daily plan.
The second chart includes my daily house jobs after work.  
My goal is that if I can get more of my school work and house work done during the week, I will have more time on the weekend for the family and reading.  I'll let you know how it is going in a couple of weeks.  

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Libby said...

I read your post earlier today and it stayed with me so I had to return to reread it. I keep expecting miracles to happen, that's me. I do have to say that I've spent more time in class this year during my breaks, but for different reasons. Good luck and thanks for sharing!
:) Libby