Saturday, June 29, 2013

Yellowstone Vacation -- 9

Our morning started our super exciting we walked to breakfast and a man was pointed at us, we thought we was saying hi to us.  However, he was telling us there was a brown bear behind us.  When we turned around the bear was moving so fast we did not get our cameras out fast enough.  We decided to drive around and take a self-guided scenic tour and search for moose.  We found lots of amazing sights.  We went to Jackson Lake Dam. 

  It was just calm and beautiful there.  We drove along the back roads looking for moose and found some nice paths, however no moose.  I did find lots of beautiful flowers.  

We drove around for hours on a moose hunt.  We drove to all the recommended ponds, rivers, hills to find the wildlife and we found NOTHING!  So we gave up and we back to our cabin, changed, and went out to dinner at Jackson Lake Lodge. 

Matt and Julie treated us to an amazing dinner.  Joe and I shared a delicious dessert.  Lemon Pudding with raspberry sorbet.  Then we went back to change again and went back to Jackson Lake Dam, Matt’s favorite spot to take sunset pictures. 

We drove around some more searching for moose.  We saw a deer.  We gave up and went to back to the cabin to bed.

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