Friday, June 28, 2013

Yellowstone Vacation -- Day 8

Today was the big day we were able to see geysers and other weird stuff coming out of the ground.  We started at the Norris Ranger Station Museum to see how the early rangers lived. 

Then we went to Fountain Paint Pots.  It was very colorful there and lots of little geysers. 

Then we went to Madison Junction, we ate lunch there and Joe, Matt and Julie went for a hike.  I took a nap because I have one whooper of a migraine today. Then it was on to the main even, Old Faithful.  We sat for quite a long time and Old Faithful was a little bit behind schedule.  At first we thought we might be disappointed, however ten minutes late the geyser finally worked.  It was specular.  

We ate dinner in the diner hall and then drove to The Midway Geyser Basin, which was beautiful.  I only wish we could have had an aerial view of it. 

No new animals to report today just bison and elk sitting around enjoying the sunny day.  It was a beautiful day we all ended up with sunburns.  We drove to Grand Tetons this evening. 

This is my first time here as well and what an amazing view.  We are staying in an adorable cabin with red check curtains, my favorite.    .       

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