Thursday, June 27, 2013

Yellowstone Vacation -- Day 7

Today was a busy day of looking at waterfalls around the Upper North and South Rim. 

Hiking up and down to see them all.  My feet are in pain.  I could not walk another step; in fact, I had to skip the hike around Yellowstone Lake. We did see some amazing waterfalls. 

I have to admit I cheated and only walked half way down.  That is because I am old enough and wise enough to know what goes down must go up and I know I could not make it all the way back up the paths.  So I walked far enough to get a good picture and then walked back.  .  I saw two different rainbows and two different waterfalls. 

Our animal count remains the same we did not see different animals from yesterday, just a lot more elk today including some baby elk.   My baby elk picture did not turn out, so I have to wait until I am at home.   My hubbie did not bring the cord to upload the pictures from his camera.  :)

We saw a lot more bison. 
This one bison was just walking down the road right next to the cars.  
We saw some pelicans out on the lake.

On our way to the Mud Volcano we stopped at the, Sulphur Caldron.  It smells as bad as it looks.  We hiked around the Mud Volcano Trail and there was a Mud Geyser and Churning Caldron.    I took these cool pictures at the Dragon’s Mouth Spring.  

This picture is creeping it looks like there is a face in it.   

And of course I was taking pictures of flowers.  There is not much variety of flowers.  

I found one dead pine tree with the pinecones still on it.  I thought that was interesting.   


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