Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yellowstone Vacation -- Day 10

Matthew had the idea to wake up super early and take sunrise pictures at his favorite spot. 

We also thought if we went back to all the favorite spots for moose sightings we might have some luck.  However our moose hunt was unsuccessful.  We did see a fox and a pronghorn.   We went back to the cabin and packed up and checked out. 

We drove to Moose Junction and the Craig Thomas Discovery Center.  We only saw a fake moose.  

The Discovery Center was really nice, it had lots of hands on wildlife things for you to see and touch.  We continued our moose hunt and finally after 20 minutes of driving we found a female moose in eating in a pond. 

I know I have a lot of pictures of this one moose but we were very excited to find this moose.  Then we drove to Teton Village.  I wasn’t feeling well so I did not get to go up to the top of the mountain on the tram however Matt and Julie went and had a fantastic time.  Teton Village has lots of sports things to do.  Joe and I were interested in the bike path that is here.  There are so many people biking in this area. We would like to come back here and ride on the paths and maybe just relax and read a book.  We are back on a moose hunt we really want to find a male moose before we leave.   No Luck!  We ended our day with a five-hour drive to Casper, Wyoming. The beginning of the drive was on the edge of Yellowstone and you would not believe what we saw.   Three grizzly bears! 

I know they look just like dots, however it was but best I could do with my iphone.  We watched them for about 10 minutes then back in the car.  We saw some deer along the way however it was mainly the plain lands.  

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