Friday, July 5, 2013

Book Review -- Making Good Habits

If you are like me and you like to write in your books this is one of those books you should buy in hard copy.   I did not I have the e-book so  I took a ton of notes during this book.  Joyce Meyer had so many good points I wanted to remember throughout her book. 

I am always looking for ways to improve myself and Joyce has a no-nonsense approach.  The kick in the butt that I need, I felt at times she was writing to me personally. I picked this book because she has a spiritual approach to daily living.  I like to read books that incorporate daily struggles and spirituality to help me focus on making choices.  This book is perfect.   

My main struggle in life is eating healthy and exercising.   Let’s face it; I just don’t like to do either one of those things.  When I choose not to do those things the weight quickly packs on. 

Joyce writes:  “A good life is a life with good habits!”
So I need to attack my bad habits with no mercy. How do you form new habits, through practice and repetition.

Think of the bad habits as your enemy that is stealing your quality of lifeand don’t let it remain in your life.

Invest in yourself and what is important to you, in my case it is my health, and retrain yourself. 

Joyce writes about 14 habits to improve the quality of your life.  What I like most about the book it is not just about improving yourself, it is about improving yourself so you can be a better person for everyone around you.

Important Bits I want to remember and share from this book:
·      Make it a habit to say nothing if you cannot say something positive worth saying.
·      “Failure comes from people who have the habit of making excuses.”  George Washington Carver
·      Face your responsibilities!  They are not an Option!  They are just the way it is!   Just Do It!
·      Face the truth and be realistic and stop complainingdon’t wait for tomorrow to start.  Be responsible NOW!
·      Don’t complainsolve the problemdon’t give excusejust results.
·      Make it a habit to add value to everyone you meeteveryday!
·      We should make a big deal about anything good that people do and learn to cover their faults with mercy.
·      God cares about how we Treat people!

So what do I personally want to do because I read this book..
The most important habit I want to change is to make HEALTHY CHOICES DAILY for myself with NO EXCUSES.  I will not consider it a diet.  I am not on a diet.  I am changing my lifestyle, FOREVER.  I am going to incorporate the pillars of good health that Joyce writes about. 

1.    :  Drink Lots of Water……PureCleanWater!
2.      Eat Healthy!  Eat fruits & veggies!
3.      Exercise Daily
4.      Sacred time to read and reflect.
5.      Focus on your daily goals. 

“We Can Do All Things Through Christ1”  Joyce Meyer

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