Monday, July 8, 2013


Disappointment is the word that best describes how I feel about the first floor remodel project.  To say things are not going well is an understatement.  The contractor we hired to do the work only works about once or twice a week for about four hours, if we call to nag him.  So the project drags out.  He gives a lot of excuses about materials not coming in, other projects he is working on, and staining, however that just sounds like a time management problem to me.  

We have nothing to hold over his head because we have not paid much yet.  Past experience has taught us that getting upset does not do much.  So what are we suppose to do?

Here we are, I believe this is Week Nine.  Really I am not joking.  They tore apart things on May 13.  

Here is the update:

The Kitchen:
It just needs the floor boards.

The front hall:
It just needs the floor boards. 
Joe and I need to stain the closet doors.

The laundry room:
Cabinet doors, door framing, sink, counter, faucet.
Joe and I need to paint.

The back hallway:
Pantry Closet, Basement Stairs, and Back Door and Framing needed and floor boards.
The little bathroom:
Finish floor boards and sink, counter top and faucet, door and framing and finish floor boards.
Joe and I need to paint the floor boards and little shelf.

Fix the bricks by the dryer vent.

I make me rethink if I should go through the hassle of remodeling the upstairs bathrooms.  

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