Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Favorites -- Dreaming of a New Work Space

It is no secret that my girl tool bench area is always a mess. It is the first place my family "dumps their junk" when they come down into the basement.  When I ask them to put something away, that means dump it on my counter and I will put it away later.  

A few years ago I convinced my hubby to put up pegboard and a ribbon section for me, however I have been using old kitchen cabinets.  I have stuff piled everywhere and I need more shelves for my little things.  Plus that cabinets overlap and I can not use the left drawer or left side of the cabinet.  

Martha Stewart has the solution to my problems, if I can come up with the cash.  

 I am thinking of buying the hutch right now because it is on sale and free shipping.  Then wait a month or two until after school starts again and then order another piece.   I would love a Martha tool area.  I need to make it moveable because some day I will move my stuff to a bedroom or a new house. 
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