Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mission Organize My House -- Cleaning Up Piles

I started organizing and cleaning things last month when school was out, however, I realized it did not make sense to deep clean my house if the first floor was not done. 

I cannot wait forever!  My house is a mess!!!!!!

I decided this week I am going to concentrate on cleaning the piles that grew during construction and put pictures and things back where they belong. 

The most important thing about keeping an organized space is making sure everything has a home. I am really good and creating homes for things....

My challenge is that my family does not follow my system.  They just like to pile on the tables.  

My goal is to clean five spaces by Thursday:
My quiet space
the front hallway table
the family room tv stand
the wine counter
my craft table

I have giving myself a defined goal and a deadline.  

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Deidra Schaefer said...

The most essential thing that you can do in your house is to clean up the mess. Of course it’s not comfy if everything around you seemed to have been ran off by the storm, unless it’s your own version of a “clean house”. Haha! Anyway, you don’t have to be obsessed with cleaning. Just make a schedule when you’re going to do it so that it won’t add any hassle to your usual routine.