Monday, July 22, 2013

Life Moments

Life Is A Series of Moments

I hold my time as precious to me so when the opportunity came up to go to a play for a former student, I hesitated.  I would have to give up my reading time.  However in the end I thought it would be fun and I am glad I took the leap of faith.  I went to a student production of Peter Pan at the local high school.  I was expecting to see a former student perform in the play.  Boy was I surprised, there was about 15 of my former students in the play.  Some where in the chorus and some at a major role.  

It was a summer theater camp that they participated in for four weeks.  What an amazing opportunity for them.

BTW. The play was outstanding.  The singing and the choreographing was great!  I will definitely go again next year. 


Kayla's Photography said...

Really great post and I wish I could have seen the play! Glad you had fun!

Kayla's Photography said...
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