Thursday, July 18, 2013

Progress...Slow but Sure

We finally have doors and floorboards!  Hooray!  They look really nice.   We even have a door on the bathroom.  Finally we can use the downstairs bathroom, well sort of, you still have to wash your hands in the kitchen because there is not a sink.  We are waiting for the countertops now. 

Two months later and what is left to do on this project: 

Front Hall:
I don’t know what these are called but we need a strip of something between the new floor and the concrete.  

We need to finish staining the closet doors and put the handles on the door.  I would also like my husband to hang some hooks in the closet for purses.

We need to paint the floorboards white.

There needs to be a strip from the dining room into the kitchen on the floor.
I want to buy a new light fixture for the kitchen over the table.

We need to paint the floorboards in the closet.

Laundry Room:
We are waiting for the lower cabinet and sink and doors for the upper cabinet and add the handles.

What is going to happen with the brickwork outside?

Hang up towel rack by the sink area.

My hubby needs to hang up my curtain on the door and a clothes rack for drying clothes. 

My hubby also needs to redo the hooks that hang up in the laundry room.

We also need to sand/prime/paint the brown molding white on top.

There needs to be a strip from the hallway into the family room.

We need to find some doorstops so the doors do not bang into the walls.

We need a cabinet with sink and add the handles. 

Hang up towel rack and toilet rack. 

Hubby needs to finish the little cabinet he started what kind of handles do we have for this project?

Back Closet:
We want two lower shelves to cover the vent and we will need to paint them white.

Reattach the garage door button.
Buy a new screen door.
Clean the garage.  Yikes!

We sure have a lot of work to do yet!

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