Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mission Organization -- Unwanted Piles

It took me a couple days longer to complete my tasks, however I did complete them.  
I took this double rainbow as a sign of good days ahead.

I do work better when I set a deadline for myself and force myself to post the results.  My goal for the week was to clean up the piles of paper around the house that was growing and growing. 

I cleaned up all the piles and for my extra credit I even put up the picture frames in the hallway again.  The new doors look really nice.

Next week I am going to set a new goal and tackle my enormous mess in the basement.  I am going to break up the enormous mess into small goals for myself:  There is no way I can get the entire basement clean in one week.  I will make it my mission for August.  

Week One:  

1.     Clean the junk off the two chairs and pack away Andy things from the loveseat.
2.    Clean the  junk off the desk I want to use for lesson planning.
3.    Clean the junk off the floor area.
4.     Fun Project:  Recover the fronts of my paper drawers.

Happy Organizing

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