Monday, August 5, 2013

Mission Organization --One Pile At A Time

Last week I cleaned all three piles I set out to clean.  It is not worth taking a picture of chairs I cleaned off in the basement.  However I did take a picture of my fun project from last week:  My scrapbook paper drawers.

I finally put matching paper on the top and bottom drawers.  The top polka dot drawer had whole sheets of paper.  I decorated the second drawer in stripes or checks and it contains scraps of that color. 

My fun project for this week will be to label the bottom drawers.  I don’t think I need to label the paper drawers. 

I will also continue to conquer the piles in the basement.  I found three more piles in the basement to work on: 
1.  The mess at the bottom of the steps.
2.  The mess next to the love seat.
3.  The mess next to my lesson planning desk.
4.  The guest bed and floor in our guest bedroom.

If you are wondering about the 1st floor remodel, we are waiting for sinks that are on back order.  However I am not waiting anymore I have to put our things away the best I can.  I am waiting to really deep clean our house there will be more dust when the vanity comes in the bathroom and cabinet and sink in the laundry room.  

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