Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 17-18-19 Mission Clean and Organize My Life --The Basement

I Finally Finished Cleaning and Organizing 
The Basement

It took me a bit longer than I had planned however I finished my goal of cleaning and organizing the basement.  I have cleaned every inch of the basement.  I vacuumed every spider web I could find.  Over the weekend I completed my three finally projects. 

First of all we cleaned out all the old clothes we have been saving from our trips Up North.  I kept only what my husband and I need and pack the rest away.  I will give them to my mom.  I know she likes to keep extra outdoor wear at the cabin in case someone comes up unprepared. 

Then we took the cabinet apart and took it to the dump.  It was not worth saving.  The wood was cracked and there was some water damage.  Now we have some open space.

Then I recovered the bulletin board by my husband’s desk.  I put some new black contact paper on it.  The old contact paper was too busy with pictures on it.

Then I did my favorite job of all, I cleaned and organized his desk.  AGAIN!!!!

I even organized his trumpet stuff. 

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