Monday, December 30, 2013

Reflecting on my Goals of 2013

As I reflect back over the year I feel like I need a couple power weekends to complete my goals.  Many of my goals were set aside due to the amount of time the house was in disarray over the first floor remodel.  Even though the remodel was not a big job the contractor took way too long completing the job and I was not able to do the other things I wanted to do before the summer ended.   In fact I started working at school in July.   

When I look at my Goals for 2013, I feel that I have this same goal every year and every year I am disappointed in myself A Healthy MeI eat healthy meals.  However I snack way too much, especially at home when I am working at home on the computer or correcting papers.   I have not made exercising a priority in my life.  I have a lot of excuses because I am the queen of excuses, however it comes down to prioritizing after work.  I still have a lot of responsibilities after work.  I want to make a healthy meal with leftovers for my lunch then I need to clean up the kitchen and do two loads of wash.  I always have papers to correct and projects to organize.  I would love to exercise before work, however I already get up at 5.  Is it possible to wake up earlier, sleep is important too. 

I did so much better with my Home & Happiness Goals.  We finally did the little remodel we wanted to do on the first floor.  I cleaned and organized the basement and my craft area.  We went on a vacation. 

Three things that I didn’t do that I thought I should have done first on my list:  1.  Photo books, 2.  Monthly dates with my Husband, and  3.  A Healthy Me. 

Thoughts for tomorrow.

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