Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Transform Myself in 2014

My essential purpose:
To find balance in my life between the things that I love most:  My family, Teaching, Creating/Organizing, Sacred Time, and housework and still take the time to focus on healthy living and exercise so that I am enjoying each day feeling that I put forth the BEST VERSION OF MYSELF that day.  

My Goals:
1.  Reshape my Sunday routine so that it is more about Family Time and Sacred Time.
2.  Daily Maintain a clean and organized house and classroom.
3.  Focus on 3 tasks a day so that they do not take over other important elements of my life.
4.  Daily Healthy Living and Exercise  is part of who you are and not an option.

My Guidelines for 2014 to Transform My Life

1.     Be The Best Version Of Yourself  (Healthy Living and Exercise)
2.     Do the Right Thing At Each Moment (If you see something you can accomplish quickly that will not affect your other goals Just Do It)
3.     Reprogram Yourself to be Healthy
·      Drink Lots of Clean Pure Water
·      Go To Bed Early so you have time to Read-Think-Reflect
·      Eat Natural Grown Healthy Foods (Walk Away from Process)
·      Exercise Daily
·      Take Vitamins
·      Once a month Detox
4.    Focus on one thing at a time. 
5.     Always Put Things Away Immediately
6.    Do Your Schoolwork (correcting and lesson planning) each night so it does not pile up for the weekend.
7.     Always be polite/fair/and kind to the people around you.  Fill the world with smiles!
8.     Only have one creative project at a time and finish before starting a new one.
9.     Self Control and Discipline is a gift to you.  If I know I should not be doing something, I will stop immediately.  I will avoid putting anything that is poisonous or toxic into my body.  (Processed foods & sweets)
10.  Simplify, Simplify, Simplify. Simplicity is the way to clarity.

This is my bucket list of other projects that I will work on around the house and for the family.

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