Thursday, January 2, 2014

10 Things I Like About My Updated Laundry Room

My Updated Laundry Room
It is almost finished, can you believe it!  After a nightmare of working with a contractor who was disorganized the laundry room is complete.  It looks beautiful.  This is one of my favorite rooms in the house now.  I could do the wash all day. 

For you to truly understand what I have worked around for the past eighteen years just look at this ugly sink or read this post I wrote in 2011 about the ten reasons why I hate my laundry room. 

The room is very small and I had limited space.  I could not fit a front loader washer and dryer in the space without blocking the doorways so I just kept what I had. 

My husband insisted on having a sink in the laundry room to clean his trumpet and other messy projects. So I did not gain counter space.  Otherwise I do have a spot for almost everything.  I had to be a bit creative.  Here are the
The Ten Things I Love About the Laundry Room
1.  It is white.  I just love white cabinets and wood. 
2.  I love the cabinet doors.  I love the glass doors.

 3.  I love that the new cabinet has a shelf on the bottom so I can but my baskets on it.  That is where I keep the hangers.  The top two drawers are fake however the bottom two drawers have supplies organized in them.  
4.  I love the new updated handles on the cabinets they are similar to the ones I have in the kitchen.
5.  I love the new faucet and the towel rack.  
6.  I just love a new clean sink!  
7.  I love that the woodwork is white in here as well.  It makes my red check curtains pop on the back door.   
8.  I love the simple white hanging rod that goes across the room.  Then all my clothes do not hang up in the doorways around the house.  
9.  I like my new basket organization in the cabinets and all the cabinets and drawers have the red check contact paper in them.   
10.  I didn't have a spot for a garbage can so I made a little trash can to collect the lint from the dryer.  I also put the clothespins in a tin bucket too.
We do have one more job to do in the laundry room.  There is one strip of crown molding my husband promises to paint white for me.  I have been waiting for awhile.  It just may go on my January list of things to do.  

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