Monday, March 10, 2014

Wedding Shower -- Living Room

I am back today with more pictures from the Wedding Shower.  I am home sick so I am taking advance of being stuck to the sofa and getting some long over due computer work.   I know I could have purchased a lot of my decorations however that would have taken a lot of the fun out of the decorating.  
This is my huge sofa, we purchased this enormous sofa because we have a large family.  I found some new cute pillows at World Market.
Over by the TV I had my husband hang up by Paris Art I found at World Market and two park prints I found at Kohls years ago.  It fits the area perfect.  
On the windows we made this group project.  It has pictures of the Happy Couple on the rectangles.  Notice all the snow outside it made for messy floors as people came in.
The giraffe is a family joke.  My dad brought is back from Africa and every holiday and party we decide how we are going to decorate the giraffe.  (My dad does not think it is funny.)
My daughter found the LOVE mugs at Anthropologie.  We put fresh flowers in them. It looked super cute.  
This is the dining room.  I didn't fill up the table because we had at least fourteen people eating at the table.  I love my new clock that my children gave me for my birthday.  

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