Saturday, May 3, 2014

Book Review: Farm-Fresh Recipes

Farm-Fresh Recipes
from the Missing Goat Farm
By:  Heather Cameron

I found this cookbook at World Market, and I hesitated at first about buying it.  Should I really buy another cookbook.  I barely have time to cook at home anymore.  However, summer vacation is just around the corner and I really want to improve my track record of eating at home with fresh foods from nature.  So I bought it.  It also helped that I had a $10 reward coupon to World Market.  

I paged through the illustrations and they were beautiful.  Who cares what the recipes were….I was hooked.   Here is a mom working side by side with her adorable daughter farming and cooking. 

Heather’s cookbook is more than a cookbook it is a document of her life on the farm through the seasons.  She has personal stories and photograghs that are engaging and amazing. I love reading the stories behind the recipes.  

She is an organic farmer.  I am not an organic eater, however after reading her book, I believe even I can make and enjoy lots of her recipes.  I must have over 30 post it notes throughout the book with ideas I want to try this summer. 

Some of my favorites are with apples of course:
Baked Apple Pies in Mason Jars   -- Enough said about why I would love that recipe.

Fire Pit Baked Apples
This sounds delicious and it will be part of my  June Challenge to eat desserts that only contain fruit.   YUM! 

PS :  I don’t camp so I am going to try this on the grill.

Blueberry Sorbert
I can not eat ice cream.  So this sounds like a great alternative.   In summer it is so hard to resist ice cream so homemade sorbert sound delicious AND BONUS it is made with fruit so it will make it into my June Challenge. 

As you can tell I enjoyed this book very much.  It makes me DREAM of living a slow life on the farm.  If only I liked animals and had a green thumb. 

All photos from this post were found on Pinterest on Heather Cameron Board.  If you want to read more about Heather Cameron read her blog:  Missing Goat Farm.

PS........Matt and Julie she has lots of chickens.

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