Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Space of My Own

A Space of My Own

This idea has been swimming around in my mind for all long time now.  I have tried several different ideas to create this space.  I tried to create a craft area in the basement and I never work down there because my husband is always playing his trumpet. 

I tried created a desk to reflect at and it has become the main space I work at and therefore it is a constant mess.

So what am I left with……a family room that is a complete disaster.  In the midst of my mini book project I had my husband bring up my craft table so I had someplace to work.  Now I just have a mess.

I have my school things, my craft things, and the family room furniture it is a huge mess. 

So this will be my first summer project.  This will only be phase one because I am holding on to some things that my children will need when they move out.

My goal is to create a space for ME that is neat and organize.  I want to be able to walk into my space and be able to work on projects and not see the room as a project.  I want the room to be my HAPPY place.

Phase One To Do List:
1.  Finish Student Files
2.  Clean School Toys and Return them to School
3.  Clean out TV Cabinet and decide what papers to keep and what books to donate.
4.  Move TV Cabinet to the basement.
5.  Relocate craft table to little wall.
6.  Paint my desk white.
7.  Exchange my nightstand with the end table. 
8.  Reorganized cabinets and shelves in family room.
9.  Clean and reorganized back closet. 
10.  New Window for the family and new shades. 
11.  New TV just for me. 

Phase Two To Do List:
1.  Should I paint the bookcases or buy new ones?
2.  Do I want a chair in the room?
3.  Redo the fireplace with bookcases on the side.

4,  Redo the floor

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