Thursday, June 26, 2014

Books Books and More Books

I had this great idea this week as I was cleaning the junk out of my family room.  First of all where am I going to put all my books, you know the books I never read but keep around just in case I want them.  That’s when I had my bright idea.. SIMPLIFY ...  DONATE... why not trade them in at Half Price Books.  I’ll get a few dollars and use that money to purchase some of the books on my first grade wish list.

So that is exactly what I did.  I went through all my books and decided if I REALLY needed them or if I could let them go.  I decided to keep my cookbook collection because I do still cook after all.  But after that I was stacking up books to take to the store. 

I filled up the back of my car with several bags of books.  I went into the process with low expectations.  I figured about 25 cents a book.  Then I talked to a friend and she thought maybe $1 a book. Wow that would be awesome, I am looking for lots of books for my classroom.   Well, I was right, it came to about 25 cents a book.  I received $8 dollars for all my books and I purchased $80 worth of books for my classroom.  Hmmm.I guess I better find more books next time if I am going to spend money too. 

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