Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Favorites -- Herb Garden Ideas

This week for my Friday Favorites I am look at what can I do with this ugly space right by my back door.  Nothing seems to go there because of the dryer vent.  I also want to have more herbs.  So I am looking at ideas to meet those two needs.  Herbs and they need to be up above the dryer vent. (The hole is matched up!  Thank goodness!)

I went to look on Pinterest and there are several cute ideas if you know how to build.  I do not and my nephew does not have time now to build anything for me so I am on my own to look for something.  Here are some cute ideas up for consideration: 

1.  An Old Wagon....believe it or not I could have bought one at a rummage sale last week for $12 but my husband said no more junk.  I wish I would have had this idea back then.  I could just kick myself for not buying it.
2.  This bench idea is simple and clean.  I am not sure where to find the perfect bench or wine crates.  This may take a little bit more work, however It would definitely get the herbs up above the dryer vent, and it would look cute too.

 3.  I love this third idea, using wine barrels.  This would also solve the empty area to the south of the dryer vent as well.  We have nothing planted there at the moment.  I would have to hope that my herbs fill up the whole barrel that looks so nice and then just put wood chips underneath.  
4.  The final idea is just find a bench and use some pots/buckets/baskets to make it look nice.  The point is to get the plants above the dryer vent.

This is going to be my creative goal this week, to try to find something for the herbs in the backyard.  

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