Saturday, June 28, 2014

Simple Saturday

This is my goal for Saturdays, work on simplifying our lives. One of the things that complicates my life right now is usernames and passwords.  Every time I go to a site I need to remember a username and the correct password and nine times out of ten the response says you do not have the correct information.  I started writing my usernames and passwords down in my notebooks and calendars.  Now my problem is trying to find where I put that information.    
So this week I decided to make things easy.  My husband does this with his information, I think this will work for me too.  I went to Target and purchased a small address book.
I went through all my notebooks and wrote down my usernames and passwords.  Now I would not advise leaving the notebook out in the open.  I plan on putting this somewhere safe.  Hopefully this will simplify and help me stay organized.  

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