Thursday, November 6, 2014

Planning A Craft Room

Now that I have this empty nest it is time to start thinking about how this house functions for my husband and I.  How do I take this empty house and make it into something that is welcoming, happy, organized, clean, beautiful, cozy and relaxing

I decided to start with my son’s empty bedroom because it is empty.  After some thought and conversation we decided that I should move my craft room upstairs.  Partly because I like to leave my projects out and that looks somewhat messy and I will not have to worry about company seeing my work in progress.

So I have stripped the room down to nothing. 

When I woke up this morning I put on my favorite pink sweater and my plan for my craft room it all came together.  
This pink sweater makes me happy and I thought why not.  Why not make my craft room pink.  I love the color pink and I don't have a pink room anywhere in my house.  

I have my work desk and my quiet desk and a white Kallax shelf from ikea.  I will start with what I have and try my best to create my happy craft/work space.

Here are my ideas:

a:  Benjamin Moore Paint Revere Pewter
b.  Fuchsia Pink Chair from World Market
c.  White Curtains with fuchsia ribbon from Pottery Barn Kids
d.  Kallax Shelving from Ikea
e.  wire baskets from Target
f/g/h  Martha Steward Craft Furniture from Home Decorators
i.  Today I will be the best version of me poster (source)
j.  Pink Area rug from Pottery Barn Kids

I know it will have to happen slowly but I have a plan.  

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