Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day 3 -- Hawaii

Day 3  December 29, 2014

We got up bright and early and headed off to Pearl Harbor.  Everyone says to get there early and get your tickets.  We got up at 5:30 and we were out the door by 6:30 and when we arrived there was a line about 6 blocks long.  Apparently every tourist in Hawaii knows to be there early.  Luckily the line went fast.  We went to see the US-Missouri first.  

That is where the US and Japan signed the Peace Treaty.  Then we went to the Pacific Air Museum to look at planes.  Next we walked around the US Arizona Area and looked at the various memorials before it was our turn to go on the actual memorial. 

When we arrived at the Arizona Memorial I was surprised to see the oil in the water still.  Joe said he could still feel the sadness.

There were men from the Navy driving the shuttle boats and we think we saw Sandy’s friend Brad.

Joe also went on the submarine and said it was super small and vintage. 

After lunch we went on a very long walk to the Waikiki Aquarium.  A bit of advice: Always use your phone for directions even when you are walking.  I was happy to see the jellyfish and seahorse.  Joe liked the colorful fish.  Joe’s fun fact:  People kill 100 million sharks a year.  Sharks kill five to six people a year. 

Afterwards we sat on Waikiki Beach and did some people watching and then had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.   

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