Saturday, December 19, 2015

Fixer Upper Ideas I Like

Fixer Upper is by far my favorite design show.  I think if I could do something else in life I would like to redo houses with my husband.  Unfortunately my husband has no interest in home fix up  or design.  

Today I was reading Joanna and Chip's website and I saw some ideas that I would like to incorporate into my household.  

In the Living Room I definitely need more light and I am looking for some lamps.  This lamp reminds me of the one I saw at Target.  

 I always love an over sized jug with flowers this will fit in any room in the house, however I was thinking by the front picture window. 

In my laundry room I have been pondering what to do on the skinny walls.  I found several good ideas from Joanna's designs. 

This sign might be cute by my laundry sink.  I know my daughter can do the printing.    

I have a letter S from a friend to possibly put by the wall.  It might be to big if so I will look for something smaller.    

Little baskets might help with some of my storage and counter problems.  

In my family room I am always looking for new ways to decorate above the fireplace.  I like how Joanna layers the books on this fireplace.  I may try something like this after Christmas.

I like the logs in the basket.  I saw some birch logs at Crate and Barrel.  I will have to pick them up.  I have a red wire basket but I think I will spray paint it in the summer.

Of course I am looking for something like this for my grand baby's art supplies.   I love this caddy and I need to find one of these.  

If I can find a small version of this I think this would work to cover the wall phone mess.  I would also spray paint it black or red.

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