Monday, July 25, 2016

June/July's House Project: CLEAN THE GUEST ROOM


For the most part I have kept this room straighten all year except for the three buckets of junk that belong to my son.  He moved out a year ago and still has not taken them to his apartment.  

However, in April I decided to teach part-time next year.  That meant I had to clean out my classroom.  I left most of my things at school for the new teacher however there were a few things I thought I could use in a part time position and a couple things I wanted just in case I ever have to go back to full time teaching.  

For two months I would carry two bags full of stuff home.  I would try to find a home for them right away however there were things I just didn't know where to put.  So they ended up in the guest room.
After school ended I decided I would use this corner behind the guest room door to put my school things.  This is where I just put my goodwill donation bags.  I ordered some file boxes from Target and I went to Ikea and picked up another shelf.  Then the organizing began.  It took several days but I got everything in the boxes on the shelves.
I do have a couple things on the top of the shelf I plan on taking back to school for my part time position.  I will have just a locker for my coat, purse and a few school things. So not much is going back.   

After cleaning up my school mess the rest was easy.  I found some old pictures from the dining room in the basement and had my husband hang them up over the bed and the bookshelves.  I went through everything and if we were not using it I donated it.  So some of the baskets are now empty.   

My shoe organizer from Ikea was empty so I moved my scrapbook paper tablets in there. Unfortunately the little strips keep falling of it, my husband said if I pick up some Gorilla Glue that should hold it down.  

I also went through the closet and reorganized our storage baskets and donated more things.  Most of the stuff in the baskets belong to my daughter. She does not have a lot of storage space in her apartment.  

I realize the room is nothing fancy however it is cleaned and organized and yes I still have my son's buckets. I have them sitting on the other side of the bed where no one can see them.  He promised me the first week of August we will go through them.  

My goal is to keep this room clean!

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