Friday, September 30, 2016

What I Learned in September 2016


1.  My second son and his wife informed us that they are expecting in more baby excitement for our growing family.  
2.  I have been very gracious helping others however I have noticed in my bullet journal that I am not meeting my promises and challenges to myself.  So I need to refocus and make sure I am meeting my own daily goals before I start to do things for others.  

1.  Drink Water 
2.  Morning AM Routine
3.  Exercise 30 minutes Everyday
4.  8,000 steps a day
5.  Eat Healthy at lunch and dinner.

3.  I need to focus on my daily tasks first and not get distracted.  
4.  There is no such thing as to much family time.  I am enjoying every minute I get to be with my grand daughter and I love having time on the weekend to be with all my children.  

5.  Life is so much more relaxing when you read during breakfast, lunch and read before you go to bed.  

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