Monday, October 3, 2016

My Life Organizer -- Bullet Journal

I started keeping notes in my bullet journal of the different areas of the house I was deep cleaning.  I wanted to develop some kind of schedule and remember when I did what and when.  However I ran out of room in my journal and started writing notes in a variety of different journals where I had space.  This method was not working for me.  

I decided to just take one notebook and create a Life Bullet Journal with it.  I wanted one place where I would put all my schedules and lists that I use as a guide in my daily Bullet Journal.  

My Life Organizer Bullet Journal was born.  What do I have in it...not much so far.  
What do I plan on putting in it????
  • Purpose Statement
  • My Life Guidelines
  • My notes about Creating a Life of Balance
  • My Morning Routine
  • My Exercise Routine
  • My PM Routine
  • My Beauty Routine
  • What do I Keep in My Purse
  • What Makes Me Happy
  • My Bucket List
  • My Reading Wish List
  • Birthdays and Celebrations to Remember
  • Go to Breakfasts, Lunch, Supper Lists
  • 52 Weeks to a Clean and Organized Home

These are just a few ideas I brainstormed last night.  

However I did want to get started on my 52 Weeks to a Clean and Organized Home List.  First I made a list with the numbers 1-52 on them.  Then I went through my house and made a list of all the areas I clean and organize yearly. 

Next I broke those tasks down by months.  I found some post its and created a little flip chart.  Then I wrote down my list on the post its by month.  Now I have a schedule to refer to as a set my weekly goals.  I tried to keep it to one or two items a week so I would not feel overwhelmed.  I still have basic cleaning to do each week.  
 My goal with this life journal is that I will not have to recreate the wheel each year and rewrite and rethink the same things over and over.  They will already be in this notebook.  

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