Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Photo Book to Help Your Child Speak

One of my main projects this week is putting together a two photo books for my little sweetie.  We want to help her learn some more words. Her parents and I brainstormed a list of all the common things that she uses and sees on a daily basis.  Then I walked around the house and snapped pictures of her items.
I grouped the items together in her photo book:

  • family
  • house/car
  • shopping and walking cart
  • favorite toys
  • slide/wagon
  • spoon/fork/plate/water bottle/booster seat
  • hair clips/shoes
  • pajamas/pants/shirt/jacket
  • a new baby

I made two identical books so she would have one for in the house and one for in the car.  I used little photo books I purchased at Walmart for $1.  The books are the perfect size for her little hands.  She enjoyed looking at the pictures of her things.   

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