Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekend Away -- Osthoff Resort

When I decided to work part-time a co-worker and I switched places. She had not taught in a classroom in a while and so she was very excited to inherit a lot of my teaching things.  As most teachers know we own a lot of our materials they do not belong to the school, so she was extremely grateful for what I had given her.  She gave me a gift certificate for a one night stay at the Osthoff Resort in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. 

It was a beautiful Fall weekend to be at the Osthoff Resort.  We wanted to go biking however it was very windy on Saturday.  So we walked and drove around instead.  
The leaves where just starting to change colors and the temp. was in the lower 50's.  It was beautiful out.  On Saturday morning there was a little Farmer's Market in town and a cute coffee shop.  
This was a view at dinner time when we ate at Lola's.  The dinner and wine were delicious.  When we went back to our room we could not get a movie on the TV so we watched a couple episodes of The Blacklist on Netflix. 

It was just a nice day to relax, read and talk without worry about our day to day responsibilities.

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