Monday, October 10, 2016

Beginning My Organizing Your Life and Home in 52 Weeks Project

Last week I shared my Life Organizer -- Bullet Journal and how I planned out the next year of cleaning and declutter my home.  

This will not be a glamorous project with lots of fun and cute photos, it will just be a step by step of how and what I do throughout the year to keep my home and life organized.  I am not waiting to start this project in the new year I want to get started right away.  So in I go with both feet.  

It is starting to get cooler here in Wisconsin so it is time to think about preparing for the colder months.  I like to call it winterizing.  

One of the jobs I do to each Fall is clean out all the garbage cans in the house.  I gather them all in the kitchen, dump the garbage out and wash the outside of the cans with 409 or bathroom cleaner.  

Then I put hot water on the inside and some dish soap and let them soak a bit.  Next I scrub the insides of the trash cans with a rag. Then I let them air dry overnight.  Finally the next day I put plastic trash bags in them and put them away.  When we collect the garbage each week we dump the garbage into a different bag so we do not waste the bags.  The only bag that we do not reuse in the kitchen bag because it will have food garbage in it.  
The wicker trash baskets I vacuum out and wipe clean with a rag as well. 
 I also like to clean out the bottom of the kitchen closet.  This is where we store our plastic bags.  We save them for dog waste and the occasional baby diapers.  I decided to move the bags to a rectangular bin this year.  I think more bags will fit in this type of bin. In addition to that I moved the wash pails to the back closet to it will not be so crowded in the closet.  

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