Monday, January 9, 2017

13 Days Until the Baby Shower

This is the second baby shower we are putting together and it will most likely not be our last.  The photos in todays post are from our first shower three years ago.  

For our present shower our theme is Baby It's Cold Outside and Tiffany Blue is the Mommy's favorite color.  The baby's room is gray and tiffany blue and the furniture is brown.  

My team is my daughter and daughter-in-law and myself and we are in responsible for the invitations, decorations, and games.  

The mommy's mom is going to take care of the food and favors.     

The first thing we did was brainstorm a list of places we wanted to decorated and what we thought we needed:

  • Front Door  --  wreath
  • Dining Room --  floral arrangement
  • Living Room --  large baby blocks/baby sock garland/BABY balloons/snowflakes and onesie cutouts/floral arrangements
  • Kitchen  --  Snowbaby diaper cake/Onesie cut outs and twine for clothes lines  Advice for Mommy/Floral Arrangement for island/Baby Diapers basket for Kitchen Window
  • Bathrooms  --  Towel Elephants
  • Family Room --  White Cloud Balloons and Snowflake Garland/banner for wall
Games and Other Ideas:
  • Bingo Cards/Purse Game/Price is Right/Guess the Date
  • Ribbon for Mommy to Be/Tie For Daddy to Be
  • Book Box 
  • Daddy Tool Box
  • Our Gift
  • Gifts for the Games

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