Friday, January 6, 2017

It's Only January 6

HELP!  After spending 2016 reading how to slow down, take things as they come, do one thing at a time, relax and make time for yourself AND MOST IMPORTANTLY my New Year's goal of trying to exercise NO MATTER WHAT. I feel like my life is exploding.  Forget watching TV, checking Facebook or Instagram, I have so much to do I barely have time to get up and walk to the kitchen to cook.  
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Here is what my brain feels like right mind is racing in a thousand directions.  

My craft room will give you an idea of what I am dealing with.  Here are some unedited pictures of my office and this is after I cleaned up for 20 minutes.

I have projects everywhere.  I have five projects for work lined up on my desk. Some of these are for me some are for others, you know good deeds. 

This is what my scrapbook counter looks like....and I haven't scrapbooked in months.

My project bins are bursting with projects and I have stuff on top that needs to be put away.  

Oh! Yes!  The mess continues to my other counter more things that need to be put away and two more projects to complete and the new laminator I just had to have but have not used yet!

It is so hard for me to focus when everything is a mess and clutter is everywhere.  

Hopefully this weekend I will decide if I am using these boxes or not.  They have been laying here for weeks.  

And believe it or not I came home from school yesterday with three more things to do.  

Now for the best part of the post.....Here is my big project that I am working on.  It does not even fit in my craft room.  I am working on decorations for a BABY SHOWER in two weeks.  All of that is in my dining room.  Which I just cleaned all the Christmas stuff out so I could put the baby stuff in.  

See those tan pants hanging on the son wants me to iron them for him for work.  

How am I suppose to prioritize and get things down?
  Yesterday I read Leo Babauta's  Filter Out the Noise post. My take away from it was BREATHE and focus on what is the most meaningful priority to your life right now.  BREATHE AGAIN and slowly work at it...the other things will fall into place.  

So you may notice my posts may be a little BABY SHOWER orientated that next couple weeks and that is because that is what is most important to me right now.  

I can handle Baby Shower decorations with my main priority of exercising.  If I don't do my other weekly organizing projects right now I will catch up somewhere along the long.  

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