Monday, January 30, 2017

January Reading

January 2017 was a good month for reading.  I read some really good books this month.  My favorite book was WE WERE LIARS.  I would give this book 5 stars. It was so interesting it was hard to put the book down.  I wanted to take the book with me everywhere so I could read one more page.  I have recommended the book to several people already.  

I have purchased so many books with Paris in the title to read this year.  I have decided to read one a month.  The first one I read was I'LL SEE YOU IN PARIS.  This book kept me reading more and more each day.  It surprised me at the end as well.  I thought I could easily see were this was going however I was wrong.  I would give this book 4 stars.  

The third fiction book I read was TRULY MADLY GUILTY.  It was so hard to get excited about this book at the beginning.  There was so much bouncing around from character to character.  However the book did keep me interested in finding out more details.  I would give this book 4 stars.  

The final book I read was SIMPLIFY 7 GUIDING PRINCIPLES TO HELP ANYONE DECLUTTER THEIR HOME AND LIFE.  Books about simplifying and decluttering are always on my radar to read this time of year. This book did not disappoint me.   I found several take away points:

  • What our heart believes and loves always determines the path of our life.
  • Without a true heart change, we always return to our heart's first love.  This truth applies to all areas of life: our energy, our time, our relationships, our spirituality, our money, and our possessions.
  • When you declutter the decorations and artwork that remain are the pieces that are the most dear to your soul and lives.
  • Everything should have a home.
  • Keep only things that mean the most to you.
  • Register your name with the direct marketing association mail preference service ( and be added to their do not mail list.
  • Opt-out of pre-approved credit cards (
  • Call companies and get removed from their mailing lists
  • unsubscribe from unwanted emails  
This book was a quick read and had lots of helpful suggestions to get started now!  I would give this book 4 stars as well.  

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