Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Easter Bunny Basket

I am carrying on the Easter Basket tradition my mother-in-law started years ago with my children. Each year she gave the grand children a little basket filled with goodies.  After the children would empty their baskets the parents would return the baskets to grandma.  She would refill them again next year.  

She made the blue and green basket for my oldest two boys and now it's time to give it to their little ones.  However I still have one more little grand child.  So I had to make one on my own.   
Here are the dimensions that I figured out by squares.  

Then I drew out the bunny face on some make shift graph paper.  It took me a while so that it would be somewhat symmetrical.  

It was easy to do and I finished in one day. 

Possible Basket Fillers:
Homemade Cut Out Cookies
Chocolate Covered Eggs
Little Stuffed Animals
Little Playdough 

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