Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spring Cleaning the Kitchen

"You Never Know What You Have....
Until You Clean Your Room."
I feel like this project has been on my list forever, ever since I cleaned my freezer I have wanted to tackle the refrigerator.  However life had other plans for me this month, but now that I am feeling better today is the day I am cleaning out the refrigerator.  Good bye yucky food, good bye expired items I am only keeping the good stuff that we really use. 
I washed down the entire refrigerator and then went to my Silhouette machine and cut some letters.  I labeled my bins and then went food shopping.  Now I have a nice clean refrigerator with fresh food. When I finished I stood back to admired my work.  I closed the door and I looked at the front and top of the refrigerator.  You would not believe what I noticed.....dust and clutter.
Hmmmmmmm...... not exactly the look I wanted to see.  It was time to clean up the outside of the refrigerator as well including the weekly calendar. 
Then I looked at my beloved teeny tiny bowl collection, which I love and thought.....Does it really look nice?  It would look better if my husband made the shelves I asked for however it has been maybe two years and I don't think he is going to do it.  It was time to move on and do something that looked better.  The bowls look to small for the space.  So I decided to put white pitchers or vases up there.  I walked around the house and collected some items and moved them to the cabinet.
The pitchers do look better however my bowl collection does not have a home now.  Maybe I just need to let them go I really do not have a spot for them.  

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