Monday, March 27, 2017

March Reading Log

I did not realize until right now that I did not read any fiction this month.  I guess because I really got taken in by the book Younger Next Year. I spent a lot of time with this book reading and rereading and thinking.  I really didn't want to hear what the author's had to say, however I needed to hear it.  "If you stop moving your bones will decay!"  What! Really!  And they mean exercise....real exercise not walking to the mailbox and cleaning the house.  I've known for a loooooooong time I need to get moving. I just don't seem to make the time for it.  NOW it will be a #1 priority in my life. Dr. Harry has some rules to life by, I typed these up and they are going on my refrigerator to remind me daily what I need to do.  

The second book I read I found at Target.  I think I was attracted to the bright pink cover at first.  Then as I paged through it and I was interested in Emily's ideas,  Grace Not Perfection.  It a cute reminder to get your priorities straight.  Don't worry about others, do want is important for you.  Simplify your life and keep only the things you really need and love and get rid of the things that take up space.  

Planning is so important...."If you plan to fail, you will fail." So take the time to plan things out so you will succeed.

Emily also had some tips for Menu Planning.  Create your menu once a month and buy the basic items.  It will save you lots of time running back and forth. Although I think I still will be stopping a lot for fresh fruit.

The third book I read, A Year with No Sugar, was an interesting concept.  First of all the author really did not go the entire year with no sugar she had exceptions, however it really got me thinking about how much sugar is added to the food I eat. There are some foods that I honestly don't think I should give up:  1. My GF bread, I know it has added sugar however I think it plays a major role in my improved stomach issues lately.  

I am willing to try some smaller challenges and go from there.  For example a month with no candy and cookies.  This is will extremely hard for me.  I think just being aware will help me as well.  I need to start to think of sweet yummy sugar as what is really is something that has no nutritional value at all.  Something that "creates toxic by products in my body....that will result in disease and untimely death.  It is a poison"  for me.  Sugar will cause fatty acids and these fatty acids will speed along the growth of cancer cells.   Hello....I am the person who has had cancer TWO TIMES!!!!  Eve also found that diets high in sugar are linked to cancer, high blood pressure and OBESITY!!!  Again all words that describe ME!  

So what am I going to do about it.....this is not really new to me. I know sugar is not good for me, I just didn't realize how much sugar in contained in my regular food, bread, chicken broth, mayonnaise, etc. I thought I was eating healthy most of the time.   I NEED to read the labels and cut back and really focus on how much sugar I am really eating.  I need to be more selective and make healthy choices.  And remember, "Most things that are worthwhile take time, thought and energy." and that's what I need to do when I am selecting the food I eat.  

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