Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Prayer Journal

 I have started a new habit after Lent, well actually it could be considered two habits.  I have started a Prayer Journal and I am reading the Gospels in the Bible.  

It all came about while reading Matthew Kelly's book, Rediscover Jesus.  
This book is indented as a 40 day Lenten journey, however you could read it anytime.  I read one segment each morning during Lent. There were so many important topics that M. Kelly wrote about each day for you to reflect on, however towards the end of the book he begins to write about extending the journey.  This is were he recommends a prayer journal and reading the Gospels.  So I decided I could benefit from both.  

I created a little bookmark to guide me through the steps he recommends for working with a prayer journal.   You can get a FREE copy of it here.  I just cut the bookmark in half and mounted it back to back on green card stock.  Then I laminated it and I am pleased with how great it works each time I sit down to pray.  
As I read through the Gospels I am also trying my hand a Bible Journaling as well.  Right now I am sticking to fun ideas I find on Pinterest but I hope I get brave enough to try my own ideas as I go on.  

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