Monday, April 24, 2017

April Reading Log

I was able to read five books this month.  I think I am the world's slowest reader.  

The first book I read was Rediscover Jesus.  This was the book I read throughout Lent.  It gave me a lot to think about each day and I started a Prayer Journal.  Read More about my thoughts here.....

Next I finished the book Big Magic.  I felt a little strange about this book because I didn't get that warm and fuzzy feeling that every one else got while reading the book.  There were a couple of nuggets I took from the book:

  • creative things that make you happy
  • network with other creative people
  • as long as I am supporting myself and not hurting someone else I should create what I want
  • don't worry about what others think  

Then I read three fiction books.  The first one was Paris is Always A Good Idea.  This was an adorable love story.  The characters were like-able and Paris as the setting. So Sweet!  Even the little postcard shop is a magical place for the events of the story to occur.  My favorite aspect of the story was the story centered around a children's author and illustrator.  I would give the story 3 stars.

Then I read the Boston Girl.  This was a really good book.  It is a charming story of a Grandmother retelling her life story to her grand daughter.  It is a wonderful story as she starts from the very beginning of her life all the way through her marriage.  I would give it five stars

Finally I read the book The Last Time We Say Goodbye.  It is a book about teenage suicide and how the family deals with all the emotions.  The author keeps you reading and on the edge of your seat throughout the whole book.  I would give this book five stars.     

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