Monday, May 1, 2017

Our Little Girl's 3rd Birthday

Our sweet little grand daughter turned three in April and the theme of her party was balloons.  She absolutely loves balloons.  She walks around the house with the balloons tied around her.  So for her birthday invitations we made this adorable hot air balloon picture.  
I made a balloon wreath for the front door out of balloons, stick pins and a straw wreath.  It looked so cute on their front door.
Each year for her birthday I make her a hand made birthday card.(Year 1, Year 2)  I try to tie to birthday card in with her birthday theme.  Inside I write a message about all the things that Papa and I loved about our year with her.  

Each person brought a balloon instead of a card for her on the day of her birthday.  She has so many balloons in her house.  She loves all her balloons.  My son is going to use this picture for her thank you notes.

Who knew you could make an entire birthday party centered just around balloons???  But it was absolutely adorable.  All the balloons were where so colorful and made the rooms so festive.  

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