Monday, May 8, 2017

A Quiet Book For My Little Grand Daughter

My mom and I worked hard for several days to get our Quiet Book done for my little grand daughter's birthday.  I couldn't get pictures with her looking at the book because she was overwhelmed with all her other birthday gifts.  However she has taken it to church several times and is beginning to learn about the different pages but that is not a good time to take pictures.  So I can only share my initial pictures.  
   This is the cover of the book.  I picked an elephant and balloons because that is two of her favorite things.  I found the elephant and balloon on google and printed them out.  Then I used tracing paper to create a pattern.  
 Right now we are working on fine motor skills and colors with my little grand daughter so a lot of my pages focus on those things.  I found a lot of patterns on Pinterest. You can find the sources for the pages I used on my planning post.   
I put in this car page and the stop light for her because believe it or not my grand daughter loves cars and trucks.  The stop light is a great way to teach colors to kids.  Stoplights are something she will see every day as she rides back and forth to therapy and preschool.  The little car page is the only noisy page mainly because my quiet little grand daughter makes loud car sounds as she drives the car around.   

I love ladybugs so when I saw this idea I had to put this in the book. It has a zipper down the middle.  This is perfect for her we are working on using the zipper on her jacket.  Inside the zipper she will find six black spots to put on the ladybug's wings.  The flower page is so adorable.  Again here she can practice her colors and counting flowers.   

I made a matching shape page for her with different colors.  Right now I just want her to be aware of matching things.  I talk about the shapes as well hoping to build vocabulary for her.  The rainbow zipper page is so cute and again she can work on her zipper skills and colors.  

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