Monday, May 15, 2017

Ladybugs in the Garden

I made this red ladybug rock years ago for the front pouch.  But now that I have grandchildren  I think it would be cute to make some rainbow friends for the red ladybug to add to the backyard garden.

My little grand daughter is learning her colors and she loves to be outdoors.  I have been thinking of ways to take the color concept outdoors.   I thought the rainbow friends would be perfect for the garden. 
I found and washed some rocks that were already in my backyard.(Free)  Then I spray painted the rocks with colors I already had.(Free)  Next, I painted the black head and a separation  down the back to make it look like wings. (Black Paint Free, it was already in my stash of stuff.)  Finally I invited my grand daughter over and we painted the eyes on and black spots. (I even had the free circle sponges from a project I made for my classroom!)

I put two coats of  outdoor Modge Podge (free, leftover from another project) and waited 48 hours before I put the ladybugs outside in the garden.

I actually waited for my granddaughter to visit to put them outside. Unfortunately she was more interested in walking in the mud, where my husband had seeded the grass, than posing for a picture with the ladybugs.     

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