Monday, January 1, 2018

Goals for 2018

This is my main goal for 2017 to work on family togetherness.  As my parents grow older I need to spend more time with them and help them.  I also need to work on helping my boys to get along with each other as well. Family Drama is in every family but I would prefer less drama during the holidays.  So I am making it my goal this year to work towards family harmony.

My second goal is to continue to work on my health.  I need to make exercise my number one priority. No more excuses!!  My house, my hobbies, reading and blogging will all take a back seat to exercise.  Each month I am going to have a monthly challenge to encourage myself to do better.

I am participating in two reading challenges this year, Modern Mrs Darcy 2018 Reading Challenge and The Unread Shelf Project 2018.  My goal is to read about 10 books a month.  Also I am trying not to buy new books I am going to try my best to read the books I already own.  I do own a lot of books that I have not read yet. 

My goal for this blog for the year is to try my best to write here once a week.  Please keep in mind if you are still reading this blog that I use this space to record my thoughts and projects.  This year my big project I hope to write about are:

  • Scrapbooks for the boys
  • Update my Gluten Free/Dairy Free/FodMap Recipes
  • Continue my journey to declutter and simplify my house
  • My Reading Challenges

I hope you will stick around to read more.  Happy New Year!

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