Sunday, September 30, 2018

September Reading Log 2018

September is Back to School month and that means that I am back to work. So my reading time is cut in half. However I am still trying to met my goal of reading one adult book and one middle grade book a week.

I thought Loved Walked In, by Marisa de los Santos, was a beautiful story.  Don’t you wish everyone in society would step up to the plate and take care of a child in such a kind and loving way if something happened to you.  That is what Cornelia, the main character did, her character was a great example of kindness and love. I give this book ****/5 stars.

Belong to Me is part two the book Loved Walked In.  This book had some great parts, a neighborhood of friends that support a dying friend, a father stepping up to the plate for a child he never knew about and new friendships found in unlikely people.  I thought it was a wonderful book. It reminded me to be open to all people because friendship happen in unlikely places. #unreadshelfproject2018

I started Eligible last year and then set it aside.  I was determined to finish it this year.  Eligible is modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice with the Bennet family from Ohio.  You will enjoy the comparisons to our time with your favorite characters. I give this book ***/5 stars.

I read Anne Bogel’s new book right away when it arrived. I’d Rather Be Reading.  OMG!  It is scary but I think Anne can read my mind.  So much of what she wrote in the book is true about my reading life.  A happy day for me involves book mail. I love my quiet time for reading each day and get grumpy when I don’t read.  I love decorating my house with books. I always have a book on my phone that I am listening to and one that I am reading.  Book are my happy place.

I finished the middle grade book, Danny the Champion of the World, by Roald Dahl.  It is a cute book about a boy and his dad.  The little boy learns secrets about his dad and other people in the town.  It is a fun and silly story. #battleofthebooks2018

George vs. George is a non-fiction middle grade book.  Sometimes I think I missed my calling, I think I should have taught middle school history.  I would have loved incorporating literature into my classes. This is a short read comparing the lives of George Washington and King George of England.  I found it very interesting but again I love history. #battleofthebooks2018

The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green is an absolutely beautiful Young Adult story.   Hazel and Augustine are two young teens who are dealing with cancer. The book deals with the individual feelings of dealing with terminal illness as well as understanding what their family members experience as they helpless become a cheerleader from the sidelines.  #unreadshelfproject2018

I think Maria Semple is becoming one of my favorite authors.  I can really relate to the neurotic main characters. Eleanor is going through life, which she knows is not perfect, but firmly believes she can make the changes to make things different.  However her plans begin to fall apart as her son, Timby, calls home from school telling his mom he is sick. I found this story to be hilarious. I laughed and the craziest things in this story.  I enjoyed listening to this book. ****/5 stars.

This is another book from the Battle of the Books list.  This was definitely outside my preferred gene comfort zone.  Gregor the Overlander I would consider a fantasy book.  The large spiders, bats, rats, cockroaches all talked and to be honest I just wasn’t interested.  I know the message was about accepting differences but it was hard for me to get passed giant rodents.  #battleofthebooks2018

The Journey to Jo’Burg, is a story about  two courageous young children who travel from their village to Johannesburg which is about 200 miles to find their mother.   Their little sister is very ill and they want their mother to come home and take care of her. The children learn along the way that things in South Africa are not always fair and equal.  #battleofthebooks2018

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