Thursday, August 7, 2014

Baby Steps in the Craft Room

"It's a marathon; it's not a sprint."
Melinda Gates

This may have my mantra when it comes to my craft room.  It may take a year or two before I finally feel like the project is complete.  I shared my dream for what I would like to do in the room last week on my Friday Favorites.  
 I am sure I will change my mind over the year as well.  

 I did start to work towards my goal of a white craft room on the first floor.  

The first thing I did was paint my blue desk.....

The picture is not the best because the lighting is so poor in this room.  Can lights in the ceiling will have to be on the list as well.  Even though this room has two windows, there are two huge trees outside blocking all the sunlight.  

The second change I made........ 
I purchased two benches on sale at Target. 

Of course, I wanted white legs so I was able to spray paint!  Yipee!  After some assembly and help from my hubbie, I am not that great with tools.  I now have a bench for me and I made a second one for when my mom or daughter help me with projects.  

I also thought with my craft table in the family room, when we have lots of family over, the craft table could serve as a tall table.  
Again sorry for the crumby photos.......a new camera is not on my list of things to buy right now.  Now I am deciding if I should invest in two more benches so four people can sit at the tall table for Christmas.

My next update will hopefully be a new desk chair.  Presently I am using an extra kitchen chair.  Yes it is functionally, however I would not say comfortable or stylish.  

PS  Funny Story
I told my mom I made a bench for her so when she comes to help me with projects she has somewhere to sit at the table.  She said that is a silly idea because what is she going to do with the bench.  It doesn't match anything at her house.  Plus she didn't like the idea of carrying it back and forth from her house to mine.  She was a little disappointed when I told her the bench had to stay at my house.  It was for when she came over to help me.   

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