Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Countdown Book Review

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Can you believe that December 1st is tomorrow?  Where does the time go?  And now the rush is on to get ready for Christmas.  If you are like me, you probably like to create lists of things to do.  

Two years ago I put together a binder with different checklists to get ready for the holidays.  I like to modify the binder each year.

This year I received a free book in the mail from asking if I would preview the book, Christine’s Christmas Countdown.   The preview sounded interesting to me,  “a guide for busy mothers to enjoy Christmas preparations and avoiding the stress of the last minute rush.”   Yes I would love to avoid Christmas stress!

The book is very short to read, in fact I read the whole book in one night.  Christine structures the book by getting ready for Christmas  back in September and gives step by step directions of what she does to get organized ahead of time. 

Now you cannot take Christine’s steps as she does because everyone celebrates Christmas differently.  So Christine has left some blank pages between each step so you can write out your Christmas plan.

The first step she recommends is losing some weight before the Holidays so that you look and feel your best.  Great Idea!  Then go buy a new outfit.  

Three things she reminded me that I would like to add to my list of things to do is:

1.   Creating a play list of Christmas music to have for the background of my dinner.

2.  By extra storage containers to send home leftovers in.

3.  Buy some extra gifts for the surprise visitors.  (candles, soap, and wine) 

Thank you Diana for sending me the book.  I enjoyed reading it and I was able to pick up some useful tips to add to my Christmas Checklist.     

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