Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Felt Christmas Tree

My daughter-in-law saw a cute picture on Pinterest of a felt Christmas tree and wanted one for our little sweetie.  My mom and I agreed to take on the project.  It was very easy to make and a lot of fun as well. 

It took us less than an hour to put together.  If you want to make one the first step is to decide where you want to put the tree.

We decided to put it on the chalk easel.  You can not tell from the picture put my mom put little loops on the top that just slide onto the rod that holds the paper.  

The large black felt was easy to find at Jo Anns, however my mom had to sew four smaller green pieces together to make the green.  I used scrap felt pieces from last years Advent project to make the circles. 

You don't need any type of fasteners because felt stays on felt. 

Now I personally like the way I arranged the circles up above however my grand daughter had other ideas.

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