Monday, July 17, 2017

My Reading Journal

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know I LOVE to read.  I try to read a chapter or more each night and now I listen to audiobooks while I drive.  Over the years, I have forgotten what books I have read, that's what happens as you get old.  I have even read several chapters of a book and said, I already read this book.  

A couple of years ago I saw an idea on Pinterest that I thought was wonderful.......a reading journal.  Now why I thought this is was "new" idea when I was assigning my students to keep a weekly reading journal I don't know.  

Anyways in 2012 I found a beautiful notebook...
and I started to record my books.  As the years go by my entries have changed.  One thing that I have kept consistent is that I put a copy of the book cover in the journal.  That is a great visual reminder to me of the book. (I am a visual person.) 
I write down what was important to me.....quotes, thoughts, impressions, and other things that hit home.  Fiction books I generally rate and write brief summaries in case someone wants to know more about the story.   I want to make sure I give accurate facts and my true thoughts.    
I enjoy reading through my journal as well.  One of the things I noticed in my journal one year was I was only reading organizing and self help books.  So I made it a goal that year to read one fiction book a month.  Last year I noticed that a lot of my fiction stories took place in Paris, so this year my goal is to limit myself to one Paris book a month and stretch myself to read some classics or highly recommended books.  

I know I record my reading on this blog as well but there is something about having all my reading notes in one notebook that I just LOVE. #notebookaddict

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