Friday, December 21, 2012

My Top Projects of 2012

Favorite Projects of the Year

This is by far my favorite project.   I just love how my craft room turned out.  Every time I go into the basement I see the craft area and I just smile because I just love how the white furniture makes the room look so much brighter.

The simple task of repainting a closet really makes a big difference in cleaning up an area.  This was one of the projects that no one will every notice or probably every see but me.  However I organized, labeled and cleaned the whole closet and it looks good.

I love the look of my new night stand.  I put red check contact paper inside and it looks so cute.  However, I do not like the white night stand with my brown furniture I would like to change that some day.

Lesson Plan Binder Organization
This was an easy task.  I just made new covers for my binders and side tags it made a huge impact in my office. It gave the binders a uniform look.   

This was a simple and fun project that I made out of soup cans.  I have way too many sharpies and this picture is evidence of that.

This is a project that I enjoy each day.  Every time I take something out of the kitchen cabinet I see how nice the shelves look. 

This summer for the first time I planted a herb garden and I have to say it looked really cute.  However I did not come up with enough recipes to use the herbs from the garden.  I will need to improve on that next summer. 

After much thought I reorganized my scrapbook paper into these plastic drawers and I love it.  It is so easy to access the paper any time you need a certain color.  I even decorated the fronts of the drawers.